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Answers to frequently asked questions

Who is Creu Cartref for?

‘I am a housing developer or main contractor who wants to build houses on a number of different sites.

It would make our lives easier if the only thing that changed from project to project was the site variables e.g topography, drainage, roads etc.

We would like to be able to transition our construction method to adopt fully modular off site construction in the next few years without having to change our house type.

We would be interested in achieving some of the advantages of modular offsite construction e.g faster construction, fewer changes on site, m&e/ structure/ finishes coordination, fewer defects and reductions in energy using our existing supply chain on site rather than and offsite modular approach in the first instance.

We would like our houses to provide consistent results every time making them easier to maintain as part of our overall housing stock.’

Why use the Creu Cartef dwelling types?

They will standardize and simplify the design and procurement process providing cost certainty and be easier to maintain.

Adopting the Creu Cartref dwelling types will achieve some of the benefits of offsite construction on site and will allow a transition to adopting modern methods of construction without needing to change the designs.

Standardization of the dwelling types will allow the design team to concentrate on project variables such as site design and placemaking.

How can Creu Cartref ensure the dwelling types are the same from site to site?

Creu Cartref dwellings are all made up of the same 9 standard room modules - lounge, kitchen, bedrooms , shower room and bathroom.

Each room modules will be fully designed and coordinated including the structure, m&e and finishes. This can be thoroughly reviewed and agreed before being re-used throughout all dwelling types.

QR codes will be used on site giving all contractors access to 2d detailed drawings including room elevations and 3d room first fix  and completed panoramas. This will provide consistency between units and achieve some of the benefits of offsite construction using local or an existing supply chain.

Are Creu Cartref going to be building these houses?

No, the Creu Cartref dwellings are fully coordinated designs that can be built in traditional masonry, timber frame, or fully modular by any contractor.

Will the Creu Cartref Houses look the same from site to site?

No, whilst the interior configuration of the houses will be identical from site to site the external envelope can be different. We currently have 5 variations including brick, render and cladding although options are endless and can vary to suit any site.

Will Creu Cartref homes meet any regulations or design standards?

They are designed to be compliant with WDGQ2021, Rosh & LTH. The external envelope can be designed to achieve the highest insulation and air tightness values including passivhaus.

The room modular approach has many further exciting configurations that we are working on and will release in the coming months.


Creu Cartref – Modular by design


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