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New year – it starts with a plan!

All our projects quite literally start with a plan!

Having identified a potential site for development the first task is to establish how many units will fit on the site and what mix will work?

Following on from our blog post we offer a product/ service which focuses on the start of a project – RIBA Workstage 1.

Using our Creu Cartref house types  ( with their inherent advantages for modularisation ) we will prepare a site layout which considers distances between dwellings, garden sizes, public open space, highways requirements etc.

Outputs will include:

  • ·        location plan

  • ·        site existing plan

  • ·        site analysis plan

  • ·        site proposed layout

  • ·        swot analysis

  • ·        number of unit types

  • ·        gross internal area per unit type

  • ·        total gross internal area

  • ·        external site material areas e.g tarmac, gardens, public open space

  • ·        parking numbers

Our outputs are based on an Ordnance Survey plan and a briefing questionnaire completed by you (this will be issued by email within 24 hours of product purchase).

This product/ service can be purchased on our website priced in bands of 1-10 units, 11 to 50 units and 51 to 100 units with a 50% introductory discount for January 2024. Follow the link below:

Outputs will be issued within 10 days of receipt of the completed briefing questionnaire.

We will limit our outputs to 8No layouts a month to avoid disappointing our customers so this service is subject to availability which will be evident on the website.

Starting a project with Creu Cartef’s dwelling and apartment types will allow for all construction methods from traditional brick and block to fully modularised off site construction, will provide cost certainty and will be easier to build and maintain.

 “A small change at the beginning of the design process defines an entirely

different product at the end.” Jonathan Ive  - Apple chief designer


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