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Does this cable sum up the problem with Modular Construction?

Below is an extract from a BBC article regarding an industry wide standardisation of phone chargers. ( )

"Manufacturers will be forced to create an universal charging solution for phones and small electronic devices, under a new rule proposed by the European Commission (EC).

The aim is to reduce waste by encouraging consumers to re-use existing chargers when buying a new device.

All smartphones sold in the EU must have USB-C chargers, the proposal said. Apple has warned such a move would harm innovation.

The tech giant is the main manufacturer of smartphones using a custom charging port, as its iPhone series uses an Apple-made "Lightning" connector.

"We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world," the firm told the BBC."

Are modular companies adopting a similar attitude to Apple - standardisation will 'stifle innovation'?

Is this attitude preventing innovation in the construction industry?

Is a focus on protecting intellectual property hindering collaboration?

Would establishing a standard focus the industry to streamline product delivery to meet a consistent pipeline?

Would standardisation allow modules to be interchangeable accross sites providing more flexibility and value assessment?

Would standardisation actually encourage more innovation and collaboration within the industry?

Creu Cartref dwelling and apartment types use only 9 room modules for their houses that are interchangeable, fully designed and coordinated in our 3d software.

Would this create a standardised pipeline, streamline product delivery, be interchangeable accross sites, provide more flexibility & better value assessment and encourage more innovation & collaboration?

Would this make things easier?

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