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Did you know that square watermelons are making waves in the agricultural industry?

Updated: Feb 16

Square watermelons are not just aesthetically pleasing; they bring various benefits. Their shape offers efficient space utilization during storage and transportation, reducing wastage. Additionally, their uniform shape helps optimize shelf display, catching consumers' attention effortlessly.

Growing square watermelons is as easy as placing a young fruit into a square box. As the watermelon grows, it will grow into the box and grow in the shape of a cube.

How can we simplify the construction processes to ensure a similar outome based process? From integrated software solutions for streamlined project management, to prefabrication techniques reducing on-site complexities - efficiency is key!

Similar to a complex Lego model with standard blocks Creu Cartref dwelling types are designed from a limited number of room modules that are interchangeable and fully coordinated in our 3d design software.

Would this make things easier?

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