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World book day

On world book day we’ve revisited the book ‘How Big Things Get Done’ by Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner thart we read last year.

Full of vivid examples ranging from the building of the Sydney Opera House, to the making of the latest Pixar blockbusters, to a home renovation in Brooklyn gone awry, How Big Things Get Done reveals how to get any ambitious project done--on time and on budget.

Here are a couple of extracts that have resonated with us:

 "Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have said that if he had five minutes to chop down a tree, he'd spend the first three sharpening the axe. Put enormous care into planning to ensure the delivery is smooth and swift."

“Build with lego – Big is best built from small. Bake one small cake. Bake another. And another. Then stack them. Decoration aside, that’s all there really is to even the most towering wedding cake. As with wedding cakes, so with solar and wind farms, server farms, batteries, container shipping, pipelines, roads. They’re all profoundly modular, built with a basic building block. They can scale up like crazy, getting better, faster, bigger, and cheaper as they do. The small cake is the lego brick – the basic building block – of the wedding cake. The solar panel is lego of the solar farm. The server is the lego of the server farm. This potent little idea has been applied to software, subways, hardware, hotels, office buildings, schools, factories, hospitals, rockets, satellites, cars, and app stores. It’s applicability is limited only by imagination. So what’s your lego?”

How can we take time to fully design and resolve projects before they start on site?

How can we break down project components into building blocks that can be used over and over, project to project?

How can our designs be more modular?

Creu Cartref dwelling and apartment types use only 9 room modules that are interchangeable, fully designed and coordinated in our 3d software.

Would this assist in ensuring that project are delivered on time and on budget?

Would this make things easier?

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