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Reimagining Bayko's kit of parts for Modern Construction

Nostalgia Reimagined

I remember finding a Bayko construction set in my grandparents house as a child. The tactile satisfaction of fitting Bakelite bricks together to create houses, complete with windows, doors, and roofs, sparked my creativity and imagination and ignited my interest in Architecture. As I reminisce about the joy of playing with such construction toys, it begs the question: Should we reintroduce a similar kit of parts for constructing various house types in today's world?

Building Blocks for Construction

Just as Bayko provided the building blocks for endless architectural possibilities, could a modern kit of parts for constructing different house types offer standardisation, efficiencies and consistency to the construction industry?

By embracing the spirit of Bayko and integrating modern design principles, do we have the opportunity to pay homage to the classic toy while propelling the construction industry forward?

Would a kit of parts that resonates with the nostalgia of Bayko yet embraces contemporary construction methods bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies?

Creu Cartref dwelling and apartment types use only 9 room modules for their houses that are interchangeable, fully designed and coordinated in our 3d software as a kit of parts and can be delivered traditionally through to fully modular without altering house designs.

Housing projects deliver lounges, kitchens, shower rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms grouped together to create homes - our approach further standardises demand not just to dwelling types but to individual room types.

Would this make things easier?

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