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What do Mc Donald's buns have to do with MMC?

Updated: May 14

Mc Donald’s are making great advances in the volumetric modular delivery of their stores but their willingness to adopt systemisation and standardisation can be traced right back to the very start of the business.

"Consider for example, the hamburger bun."

"We were buying our buns in the midwest from Louis Kuchuris' Mary Ann Bakery. At first they we're cluster buns, meaning that the buns were attached to each others in clusters of four to six, and they were only partially sliced. Fred pointed out that it would be much easier and faster for the griddle man if we had individual buns instead of clusters and if they were sliced all the way through. The baker could afford to do it our way because of the large quantities of buns we were ordering. Fred also worked with a cardboard box manufacturer on the design of a sturdy, reusable box for our buns. Handling these boxes instead of our customary packages of 12 reduced the baker’s packaging costs, so he was able to give us a better price on our buns. It also reduced our shipping costs and streamlined our operations. With the old packages it didn’t take long for a busy griddle man to find himself buried in paper. Then there was the time spent opening packages, pulling buns from the cluster, and halving them. These fractions of seconds added up to wasted minutes" extract from Grinding it Out - The making of Mc Donald’s

How can we adopt a similar approach in the construction industry?

How can we create a guaranteed pipeline to encourage the supply chain to deliver their product in the way that best suits our project delivery?

Can we standardize a consistent demand for a product in great enough quantity for the construction industry to pivot and deliver in the most cost effective and efficient way?

Should we standardise the demand and re- introduce pattern book designs?

Creu Cartref dwelling and apartment types use only 9 room modules for their houses that are interchangeable, fully designed and coordinated in our 3d software and can be delivered traditionally through to fully modular without altering house designs.

Housing projects deliver lounges, kitchens, shower rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms grouped together to create homes - our approach further standardises demand not just to dwelling types but to individual room types.

Would this improve efficiency similar to the Mc Donald’s kitchen where 'the fractions of seconds added up to wasted minutes?

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